Daily Archives: November 16, 2019

Side Walls For 30′ x 40′ Canopy Waterproof Vinyl 7′ High Solid & Window Panels

Standard 14 Oz Vinyl Sidewall Enclosure Kit For 30′ x 40′ Tent. TentAndTable standard 30′ x 40′ sidewall kit is designed to ensure privacy and protect your event from weather elements. Manufactured from 14 oz. It filters harmful UV, resist heat and keeps the interior cool. One 7′ x 30′ Solid panel. One 7′ x […]

Door Canopy Awning Back Window Rain Shelter Front Porch Covers Shades DIY NEW

Door Canopy Awning 27098.5cm Back Window Rain Snow Shelter Front Porch Outdoor Shade Patio Roof Cover UV Protection. High quality door awning, 270cm x 98.5cm x 28cm, designed for rain and light snow. 5mm clear hollow polycarbonate sheet, UV protection and strong plastic alloy brackets. Awnings have good weather resistance, safe, easy and ready to […]

White Aluminum Window awning 50×22

White Aluminum Window awning. Aluma Vent awnings are contemporary in design with the vertical lines of today’s homes. With Aluma Vent awnings a home looks larger and more luxurious than a similar home without these highly attractive awnings. One look tells the story – its quality is obvious. Vented sides prevent buildup of heat underneath […]